Why Was This Forum Started

Early in 2003 I started putting together the BM Bikes website because of the difficulty in finding information, particularly regarding colour schemes - some of the information is easily available IF you're prepared to spend a lot of time searching but I discovered that there seemed to be no one place to find it all (in fact, mention of available colours was rarely mentioned anywhere) and as this gave me a real headache during restorations the idea of the site was born.

Since that time, the time and effort involved in maintaining the site has snowballed - the site has grown to a previously unimaginable size with somewhere in the region of 600 pages of information and photos and approaching 100,000 hits in a little over two years. I've been forced to upgrade the site twice due to bandwidth useage (which costs) and the volume of email enquiries is becoming difficult to cope with as I do have a living to make too! Some of you seem to assume that I'm the 'Fount of all Knowledge' with regards to BMW's but I'm afraid that really isn't the case and I don't have all the answers but between all of you out there you probably have most of them so the next logical step seemed to be to put you all in touch with each other - having said that, please don't leave me out of the loop and do continue to send me what information you have for inclusion on the site as I really don't have the time to pull it all from the forum.

Enjoy the new forum, use it wisely and share your knowledge with all - my philosophy is that this knowledge should be freely available to all and you will never be asked to pay for the privilege of using either this site or the Forum

The Boxerman, BM Bikes and the BM Riders Club

Trading as 'The Boxerman', my business, for many years, has been the servicing, repair & restoration of BMW motorcycles but restorations can become frustrating when colout scheme information isn't available and so, I conceived of the idea of creating a website to list colour scheme details for everyone's information and this resulted in the BM Bikes website which has grown far beyond it's original purpose.. This Forum was created to cater for all of the queries from the BM Bikes website at http://www.bmbikes.co.uk but over time we have evolved and a new Club was formed from here. Whilst this is still the BM Bikes Forum and will always remain so, it now also freely hosts a space for the BM Riders Club http://www.bmridersclub.com so please continue to share your knowledge with all and enjoy the new Club too........

The control of the Forum resides with BM Bikes and it may be, that one day, the Club will decide that it needs to seperate itself from BM BIkes with a new Forum of it's own but until that time each brings something different and it works well

Who Can Use This Forum?

Absolutely anyone. This Forum aims to make all of the information within it freely available to all. At no time will the use of this Forum cost you money and everyone is free to browse most topics but in order to post or reply to topics and view photos you must register. Registration is simple and free - just click the Register button at the top of the page and you will be led through the process. In order to maintain control, your registration request must be activated - once requested you will then receive an email on which there will be a link that you must follow to confirm your registration - once confirmed you will have access to the full facilities of this Forum