Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on BM Bikes & BM Riders Club. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Enjoy the Forum

    Enjoy the Forum, participate where you can, have fun, learn and share your knowledge..... This is a knowledgeable Forum but also with a light hearted side so have fun but not at the expense of others..... #
  2. Who Can Use This Forum?

    This Forum aims to make all of the information within it freely available to all. At no time will the use of this Forum cost you money and everyone is free to browse most topics but in order to post or reply to topics and view photos you must register. Registration is simple and free - just click the Register button at the top of the page and you will be led through the process. In order to maintain control, your registration request must be activated - once requested you will then receive an email on which there will be a link that you must follow to confirm your registration - once confirmed you will have access to the full facilities of this Forum. In order to keep the member list current it is essential that you log-in at least once every six months or it will be assumed that the account is no longer required and it will be deleted. # #
  3. Registration

    In order to keep the membership list current you must log-in at least once every six months - failure to do this will result in the account being deleted on the assumption that it is no longer used. The simplest way to do this is to tick the 'Log me on automatically each visit:' box when you register - you will then automatically be logged in each time you visit. #
  4. Account Activation

    After you register with the Forum an email will be sent to the address you used (you must use a valid address) - this mail contains a link that you MUST follow in order to activate your account and you must log-in too - if you accidentally delete this mail before doing so, you may request a new activation email via the log-in page. Failure to activate the account and/or log-in at this time will result in your account being deleted after one week. This applies to Forum members and BM Riders Club members alike. #
  5. Email & PM Usage

    Everyone, by default, has the privilege of sending both emails and PM's (Private Messages) via the forum. This enables you to reply to For Sale & Wanted Ad's and to contact other members in private should the need arise. Please do not abuse this system by emailing or PMing strangers unless it is regarding forum issues (this Forum is not designed as a Chat Room) and it can be unnerving for folk if they are bombarded with unsolicited email's or PM's from folk they do not know - anyone abusing this system may result in expulsion from the Forum.

    Anyone receiving either unacceptable volumes of, or abusive, email or PM's via this Forum should contact me with details and the matter will be dealt with appropriately. #
  6. Signatures & Websites

    Please do not include links to inappropriate websites of any description - any account doing so will be immediately deleted without warning. [-X

    In order to prevent the spammers from adding inappropriate links, the option to add your website during registration has been removed. The facility is still there but is only accessible from your profile panel whilst logged in. #
  7. Traders

    Trade advertisements are not allowed and will be removed without warning. If you suspect that a trader is posting advertisements please let me know so that I can deal with it.

    Dealers or Traders may use the appropriate Forum 'Dealers Discounts' to inform members of this Forum of special discounts that they offer to Forum members. Abuse of this system will not be tolerated. :shock: #
  8. Stolen Items

    If you have reason to suspect that any items for sale within this forum are stolen or illegitimate in any way please inform me so that matters can be dealt with appropriately. #
  9. What Topics May I Post?

    You may post on any subject that is relevant to BMW motorcycles but please post only in the correct Forum or your post may get moved or deleted.

    If you wish to post things that are slightly off topic or ones that don't seem to have an appropriate Forum then use the General Chat Forums at the bottom of the page - this is for sundry and off topic posts but please keep your posts clean and calm - if what you are writing would offend your children then do not post it here.

    Replies to 'For Sale' and 'Wanted' advertisements are not permitted - this is to allow posters to delete their ad when it has served it's purpose (posters cannot delete a post if there has been a reply). To respond to an advertisement you must use either the email or PM facility. Please delete your ad when it is no longer required.

    Please do not post invitations to other club's meetings without obtaining prior permission for each specific invitation. Such invitations may be considered as an attempt to poach our Club Members and such posts may be deleted without warning. #
  10. What Topics May I NOT Post?

    Posting of any of the following topics will result in the removal of the post and possibly your suspension from the Forum:

    Politics (including Club politics)
    Abusive behaviour or language
    Personal attacks or insulting behavour
    Anything that you would not want your children or neighbours to see

    Please do not post invitations to other club's meetings without obtaining prior permission for each specific invitation. Such invitations may be considered as an attempt to poach our Club Members and such posts may be deleted without warning. #
  11. Forum Warnings

    In the time since the Forum was launched we have never had to resort to issuing official warnings to any member (aren't you all well behaved.....? :grin: ) but as the Forum grows larger I guess there are increasing chances of having someone aboard who will continually mis-behave so, with this in mind, I've decided that maybe it's time that I laid some guidelines down for the use of this system should that unlikely situation arise.

    These guidelines are purely for the use of the Moderators should they be required and may be overidden should a Moderator feel the need for immediate, stronger action.

    So....what are the guidelines? Official warnings followed by eventual exclusion from the Forum may be issued to any member, whether Forum Member or Club Member, for consistently breaking any of the rules contained within this section or for writing posts/PM's that may be regarded as obscene and insulting or any other abusive behaviour. If you behave then there really is nothing to concern you.... [-o<

    Warnings issued will remain active for six months from issue after which they will be cleared.

    Stage 1: A warning is issued and no further action is taken.
    Stage 2: Issue of a second warning within that six month period will result in one weeks exclusion from the Forum.
    Stage 3: Issue of a third warning within that six month period will result in a further one month exclusion from the Forum.
    Stage 4: Issue of a fourth, and final warning within that six month period will result in a permanent exclusion from the Forum. #