Carburetor Info needed

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Carburetor Info needed

Postby Davef. » Fri Nov 11, 2016 9:08 pm

Hi, I am re-building my r51/3 and a r67/2. I have totally stripped these bikes to the bone. A problem I have is with the carburetors. I have a pair of Bing 1-26-9/10.. One 1-24-25.. And one 1-24-46.. The two 1-26-9/10 were on the r51/3 when I bought it running 30 plus years ago. The other two carbs were in a box as the r67/2 was a basket case.
I used a link given to me by a member, to Bench Mark Works...

The 1-26-9/10 are of a r68
The 1-24-25 is of a 67/2,3
The 1-24-46 is of a 50/2

My question is can I use these r68 carbs, ? And if I do what jets/ needles do I use.? Do I use R51 jets etc. ?
Or, ! Does anyone know were I may buy the correct pair for the r51. ?
I also need a 1-24-26 carb for the r67.
Hope it all makes sense..
Many Thanks. Dave

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Re: Carburetor Info needed

Postby windmill john » Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:31 pm

From the Bing manual, the 67 slide is 542, the 68 is 531.
Main for 67 is 100, needle jet is1308, idle position 2, jet needle 255
Main for 68 is 115, needle jet is 1208, idle position 1.5, jet needle 934
Idle is the same.
Clip position same; 3
67 carbs is 1/24/141 -2
68 carb is 1/26/9 -10
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