USA trip on an R60/6

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USA trip on an R60/6

Postby Thundergar » Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:35 am

I'm about to buy a 1974 BMW 60/6 in Philadelphia with a view to taking a month to ride across the States to San Francisco.
Members thoughts would be welcome on:
1) The particular quirks of this model (I'm used to old tech / twin drum brakes, points ignition, etc)
2) Must see sights (I'm doing the obvious ones like death valley Grand Canyon etc)
3) Would this bike be worth shipping back to the UK? (fair condition about 34k on the clock by the end of the trip)


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Re: USA trip on an R60/6

Postby windmill john » Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:55 am

Being points ignition, hopefully, and drum brakes, even if you had some oil leak issues, you should be good to go.
I'd still want to change the oil and filter before the trip and check drive fluids.
Try and check clearances, as unleaded heads, valves may have closed right up.
You're going on trust re electrics, not that they are bad, just possibly bad earths etc.
34k, overall, shouldn't be too bad.
Maybe take a set of points and condensor with you.

Can't suggest routes.

Number three, yes, definitely.
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Re: USA trip on an R60/6

Postby boxerman » Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:55 am

I believe Bryce Canyon is well worth a visit
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Re: USA trip on an R60/6

Postby k100john » Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:50 pm

Philly to San Francisco - there will be a lot of boring bits. As well as some magnificent rides.
My all-time favourite one day route: Lone Pine (below Mt Whitney in the Rockies) through Death Valley to Shoshone in the Mojave Desert. I did this in February 2007 to celebrate my retirement (albeit on a rented Harley).
I would be cautious about Death Valley on a bike in high summer -it gets VERY hot (there is a reason for the name). In Feb it was a balmy 25 deg C.
The Pacific Coast Highway from SF to LA is a great 2-3 day ride - best done southbound.

A month is not enough.

IMHO the R60/6 is one of the best of the airheads (OK I may be biased). Mine has 95k with no major failures. Pretty much anything that might go wrong can be fixed easily with the standard tool kit. I find it a really sweet ride - it'll cruise forever at 60 mph and return around 60 - 65 mpg (Imperial gallons that is).
I dont know of any quirks, but then I've had mine since 2003 so I will have adapted anyway.

Will it be worth importing? Well, you can do the cost calculations. Possibly you'd get a better price in the US; but if the buyer is in Florida ... Actually I think it'll be an emotional decision. If you enjoy the ride (& I bet you will) then you'll want to keep it. If not, then you'll want to dump it asap!

Good luck

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